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Our Family Crafted Process

At March Legend® our intention is to create timeless forms designed to last a lifetime. Our proprietary building system provides our clients with many options simply not found in the majority of furniture today; These features include authentic tongue & groove load-bearing construction (found in almost no modern solid wood furniture), real mortise & tenon joinery (no loose tenon construction), 3/4" solid ledger panels (underneath our case good drawers), pinned shaker lap housed drawers, traditional working housed joints, hand applied degreed face frames, solid drawer bottom option, along with our limited lifetime warranty. 

Each custom design we make is carefully considered, selecting only the most special American wood species, many which we have reclaimed and aged for years or locally harvested then aged without haste for several years until we decide to release them for new projects. It's important to note that the average tree takes 75 to 125 years to mature, for that resource to maintain its renewability we must make our furniture to last at least that long as well. Our products feature centuries-old traditional techniques such as tongue & groove, ship lapping, housed joints, and mortise & tenon joinery style construction to ensure that long life.

Our furniture is tactile by nature, brought to life by an experienced master craftsman, the result is the magic of the human connection only a handmade product can reach; the charm of slight imperfections and the practical clean lines of simplistic artistry. So in keeping with that spirit March Legend furniture is bench made and hand assembled one piece at a time with no automation or assembly line process. What this means is, every piece that ventures from our workshop is attended and imbued through our master craftsman displaying years of experience and is focused solely on your piece. Each piece is meticulously crafted for fit and finish in a controlled series of natural perfection, and imperfect techniques to create the authentic hand aged furniture in which March Legend has become known.

No matter how well-made the furniture, it means nothing without a fantastic finish. Our finishing process can incorporate up to 35 steps ensuring maximum life. We go far beyond your average furniture finish. Each step is a carefully applied, hand rubbed process, in which we create our masterful aged finishes that are not only beset in beauty but ECO-friendly (no greenwashing), no piece ever being alike. As a result, our customers receive extreme durability and ease of care. Customize your world today with March Legend. 

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