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We are pleased to welcome you to the home of March Legend®. The timeless custom solid wood designs of March Legend are still produced in America on our working farm in rural Danbury, North Carolina. Each piece is created under demanding bench made values and attention to detail. We are a small family owned company with a sole focus of the highest level of quality and value for what we produce. 

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Rest assured our furniture is designed to last, from our solid wood construction to our proprietary building process, relax and enjoy our furniture for a lifetime. 


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a farmhouse style dining table with chairs and two benches set in a field with hay bails behind it


Our furniture is hand made & family crafted on our working farm in the inviting foothills of North Carolina, just outside the furniture capital of the world.  This is where our simple but luxurious creations are born, fussed over and carefully crafted with decades of experience. Furniture is our passion, you see at March Legend® we are not busy counting every plank of wood, every hinge or dowel rod to ensure maximum profit, what we are busy doing is making down to earth, affordable furniture one piece at a time we expect our customers to never replace. At March Legend it’s the best American kiln dried woods, the best American-made finishes period, that’s who March Legend is, and nothing watered down, ever.



Our renowned hand rubbed finishes are like no other. We have spent painstaking years reducing or eliminating the toxic nature involving the traditional finishing process. With our thousands of stains and painted finish combinations, we make it easy to match, blend and create furniture that fits where you live, whether it be a country castle, an avenue loft,  country cottage, an urban bungalow or sea-side dream, it's assured always unique, and always your choice. Choose from the form and strength of real American harvested solid kiln-dried hardwoods, sought the world over such as select Northern Cherry, Red Oak, Ash, Poplar or Antique Maple, all handmade on the bench with time-tested construction features to exacting standards. Experience the trademark style March Legend® artisan applied hand rubbed & aged finishes in any speculator blend, discretion being yours alone. Expose yourself and breathe easy with the option of one of the World's only and best non-toxic finishes we've spent almost 20 years perfecting. Simple, clean,  comfortable,  and custom by March Legend, the practical choice for a brilliant home.


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a Windsor style side chair in the woods



At March Legend® our intention is to create timeless forms designed to last a lifetime. Each custom design we make is carefully considered, selecting only the most special American wood species, many which we have reclaimed and aged for years or locally harvested then aged without haste for several years until we decide to release them for new projects. It's important to note that the average tree takes 75 to 125 years to mature, for that resource to maintain it's renewability we must make our furniture to last at least that long as well. Our products feature centuries-old traditional techniques such as tongue & groove, ship lapping, housed joints, and mortise & tenon joinery style construction to ensure that long life.



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