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Customer Care

At March Legend ® our furniture is built to order, whether you wish to commission one piece or many we welcome all inquiries and can typically return a quote in one to two business days. We provide custom service to meet our client's needs throughout the order process. 

 March Legend LLC is sold in the US but can be acquired internationally. Our products are sold exclusively through March Legend, Trade or Interior Designers only. 

Privacy & Safety

March Legend ®, LLC makes the highest in quality Farmhouse, Modern, Country, Early American, and Cottage style furniture available, we apply those same standards in protecting your privacy and security. Any correspondence with March Legend is for customer service, product information and or order fulfillment purposes only. We do not sell, trade or transfer to outside parties your personal information, the term outside parties does not include March Legend or Fable Porch, website hosting partners or other parties that assist us in operating our business. At March Legend we store your information on our secure network and do not store your information with any outside providers with exception to the information given to become a site member. We may occasionally use your information for in-house promotions or company updates and as a March Legend customer are free to unsubscribe at any time.  As a family company we value your opinions and questions, please contact us if we can answer any further questions. 

Customers with children should take great care to secure any large case pieces such as dining hutches, bedroom chest, armories or mirrors to the wall with toggle bolts and or screw to stud or by other means to avoid serious injury. Because of the custom nature of our business and many customers specify custom sizes, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure proper anchoring of any custom piece, taking special care with items such as dressers and chests that children may use drawers to climb and possibly topple over resulting in serious injury or death. Again due to the custom nature and customer request for items such as blanket chests, wardrobes, armoires, special tables etc. with lids, doors or large surfaces that can slap shut or lock come with risk of injury or death, children should always be supervised or the customer should install an approved safety hinge and or safety release is recommended. Any media centers or items produced with custom electrical components should check local codes and make sure of proper grounding. March Legend may provide its customers with these custom options but rely on its white glove delivery personnel or its customers for proper installation. Please contact your Fable Porch representative if you have any questions or concerns.


Safety Notice:  Individuals who are known to have nut allergies should avoid nut oil products, we use a nontoxic nut oil blend on all our cutting boards, blocks, cheese boards etc. Please notify us if you have an allergy and we can use mineral oil instead. 


Benefits of Nut Oil for cutting surfaces:


  • Totally non-toxic directly from the container (made from nut oils).

  • Naturally drying oil

  • Safe for children to use on toys and project

  • Produces a warm golden tone

  • Seals out food juices that can contaminate food surfaces

  • Biodegradable product made from natural renewable ingredients

  • No VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)


Trade Wholesale Inquiries

March Legend is privileged to work with some of the most remarkably distinguished stores and talented accomplished design professionals in the furniture business. If you would like to talk about displaying our fine solid wood American made furniture in your shop or would like to showcase our work within your offerings we would love to speak with you. We offer both trade & stocking dealer programs. Trade accounts are available to retail stores, design firms, interior designers, architectural firms, commercial, and restaurant. 


Some highlights of what we offer. At March Legend we stock just about every domestic wood type in-house, acclimated and ready for your project. You will also find that we are equipped to handle an endless array of custom options from the cutting of your project to our amazing non-toxic custom finishing. Both departments are lead by an industry veteran with over 30 years in the business solely focused on each and every piece we make. 


Trade accounts must be approved prior to product presentation of our line. Companies that plan to represent our products online must receive prior authorization.  


Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

March Legend ®, for one year following the date of the original purchase, March Legend at its option & sole discretion will repair or replace, or provide a substitute for any piece or part found by March Legend  to be defective in structural material or workmanship in our furniture (excludes kitchen products, dining chairs, some custom pieces, remote or hoist in delivery addresses, international customers and furniture sold as is). During this first year, packing and shipping to and from are covered under warranty (excludes, Alaska/Hawaii, remote, unique, or international customers, call March Legend for details). Customer must present proof of purchase and obtain return authorization from March Legend prior to a warranty claim. Shipping and handling not covered under warranty following the expiration of one year from original purchase date. All shipping costs to and from are the sole responsibility of the customer for warranty & shipping claims. As many of you know, solid wood may be subject to check cracking, shrinking, warping or expansion and is not covered under warranty. This will not affect the structural integrity of our furniture and most can be avoided with proper environmental controls. Misuse such as exposure to moisture, chemical cleansers, direct sunlight exposure, negligence, soiling, improper cleaning, abnormal use, accident, commercial use, extreme temperature & humidity changes, flood, normal wear and tear, or damage due to neglect not covered under warranty. Our custom furniture is made from solid wood, a living, breathing natural product. Our solid wood products can expand and contract over time depending on your environment, please understand the degree of dryness or humidity in your home may cause your furniture to contract, check crack, or expand and is not considered defective under warranty. Clients that have humidity control via their air handler should set the humidity @ 55%. While our finishes are durable they are not indestructible, always use caution. Due to natural resins within solid wood, we cannot eliminate bleed though on painted finishes, especially lighter colors, this is not considered defective. Many wood types we use are rustic in nature and will have knots and cracks which are filled during the finish process, finish samples will not always include filled knots, or bleed though due to the sample size. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks time for warranty claim repairs or replacements plus transit time. Limited lifetime warranty non transferable. Limited lifetime warranty effective as of 10/3/2015, limited lifetime warranty expires after period of ten years unless otherwise noted. Contact us for more tips and information . Limited lifetime warranty excludes, trade, commercial and private label. 

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards for non-established accounts only

- Offline Payments

- Cash or Check 

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