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Crafting Your Dream Dining Space: A Guide to Ordering Custom Tables

Ordering a custom dining table from March Legend is a great way to get a unique piece of furniture that perfectly fits your style and needs. Here's how you can do it:

1. Choose your size and configuration. March Legend offers a variety of sizes and shapes, including rectangle, square, and round. You can also choose between a planked or smooth top.

2. Select your table top thickness. March Legend offers three choices up to 2" thick. This will affect the overall look and feel of the table, as well as its durability.

3. Decide if you want center-leaf extensions or a company board. If you plan on hosting large gatherings, center-leaf extensions can be a great option to expand the table. Alternatively, a company board is a solid piece that does not move.

4. Choose your wood species. March Legend offers a variety of options, including cherry, walnut, oak, and maple. Each species has unique characteristics that will affect the table's overall look. Cherry wood is known for its warm, reddish-brown tones and smooth texture. It is often used for traditional or formal dining tables. Walnut wood has a rich, dark brown color with a hint of purple and an attractive grain pattern. It is a popular choice for modern and contemporary designs. Oak wood is solid and durable, with a distinctive grain pattern. It can come in a range of colors, from light to dark. Maple wood has a light color and a smooth, even texture. It is often used for minimalist or Scandinavian-style dining tables. Each type of wood has unique characteristics, so it's essential to consider your dining table's overall style and function before choosing the type.

5. Select your legs, pedestal, or trestle. This will affect the overall style of the table. Legs are a classic option, while pedestals and frames can add a unique touch. Pedestal dining tables typically have a single central support column extending to a circular base. This design allows for more legroom and flexibility in seating arrangements. Trestle dining tables, on the other hand, have two sets of legs connected by a horizontal stretcher. This design provides more stability and support for larger tabletops. Finally, classic-style dining tables feature four separate legs, often with intricate designs or carvings. This more traditional design adds a sense of elegance to the dining room. Each style has its benefits and can be chosen based on personal preference and the desired aesthetic of the dining room.

6. Choose your finish and distressing. March Legend offers a variety of finishes, including natural, stained, and painted. You can also choose to distress the table for a more rustic look.

Once you've made all your selections, March Legend will create a custom quote for your table. From there, you can work with their team to finalize the design and make your custom table. With March Legend's attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, you'll have a beautiful, unique dining table for years. Creating your perfect dining table begins here.

A Classic Farmhouse Dining Table with a planked top.

A Hampton Pedestal Table with a seamless top.

A Crescent Trestle Dining Table with a planked top and 2" breadboard ends.

A Count Theodore Dining Table with a scrolled apron, center leaf extension, and a seamless maple top.

A Welsh Trestle Dining Table with Company Board extensions and a seamless pine top.

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