Now That I Have My March Legend® Furniture, How Do I Take Care Of It?

A simple guide on how to take care of your Fable Porch Farmhouse, Cottage & Lake and Modern Craftsman furniture.

Now that you're an owner of a Genuine March Legend® piece of furniture, you can relax and enjoy it for years to come. But how do I take care of it?

The very first thing to remember, please allow a full 30 days for your furniture finish to cure. You will need to be be extra careful during this time. Do not leave liquids on your dining, coffee, end, or sofa tables. Wipe up any liquids immediately with a dry, soft cloth. Protect your surfaces from all heat by using coasters and pads appropriately.

To sanitize, we recommend you wipe clean with slightly dampened cloth and using a spray bottle that's filled with a 10% organic white vinegar 90% water solution. You can add 3 to 5 drops of your favorite essential oil as well. We do NOT recommend you to use wax, oil or chemical cleansers.

Avoid or rotate items on table tops placed in direct sunlight.

Other things to consider:

Our furniture is bench made, by hand and assembled, by hand. Our furniture is made of real solid wood, a natural living material that will change its patina with age. In some instances, depending on placement and amount of sunlight, you could experience, changes in color, bleed through of knots, and darker or lighter sections may appear in the finish. Natural and stained wood can vary with knots, mineral streaks, sapwood, and natural wood tone variations depending on wood type. The above is considered a natural trait of wood furniture and should be embraced as character and natural grace. Our products are not perfect, nor do we aspire for them to be. This, in turn, is the charm and warmth of a handmade product. No two pieces we build will ever be alike.

So don't tiptoe around your new furniture. We built it for you and your family to use for lifetimes.

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